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-‹¤4 p‘ªYƒ=1Ó.»twMBB¾§êwäÇ:​vª”*~¨֚sfΝ==Í?ÇLÚó-Ç›LǬ ^Û?​„"​{ZijMÐ\¬«ŠXp9¼ `ÂJ‘GM™£å™s¤\ÎR)g ÁŒ48ãÚøG+====== Scientific council 2015 ====== 
 +Anne Amy-Klein, LPL, Villetaneuse,​ France\\ 
 +Jean-Pierre Aubry, consultant (F - CH)\\ 
 +Andreas Bauch, PTB, Braunschweig,​ Germany\\ 
 +Elio Bava, INRIM, Torino, Italy\\ 
 +Jean-Paul Berthet, CNRS/MRCT, Meudon, France\\ 
 +Emmanuel Bigler, FEMTO-ST Institute, Besançon, France\\ 
 +Pascale Defraigne, ROB, Brussels, Belgium\\ 
 +Noel Dimarcq, SYRTE, Paris, France\\ 
 +Helen Margolis, NPL, Teddington, United Kingdom\\ 
 +Gaetano Mileti, LTF / University of Neuchatel, Switzerland\\ 
 +Valerie Morazzani, LNE, Paris, France\\ 
 +Gérard Petit, BIPM, International\\ 
 +Francois Vernotte, Observatory of Besançon, France\\ 
 +Enrico Rubiola (chairman), FEMTO-ST Institute, Besançon, France\\ 
 +{{ ::​enrico-640x427px-2008.jpg?​direct&​150 |}} 
 +==== Navigate in the EFTS 2015 web pages ==== 
 +[[previous:​2015:​01_program|EFTS 2015 Program]]\\ 
 +[[previous:​2015:​02_scientific_council|Scientific council]]\\ 
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