2020 EFTS

…but the EFTS will be repeated every year in the same period, stay tuned

The 8th European Frequency and Time Seminar

Besancon, France, from Monday, June 29 to Friday, July 3, 2020

saphir_medium.jpg The EFTS is a no-profit intensive full-week seminar intended to provide education and training with lectures and laboratory sessions. It targets the broadest audience: Engineers, Ph.D. students, post-docs, young scientists, newcomers, etc.

This seminar is unique in the following:

  • Broad spectrum of topics related to time and frequency
  • Broad target audience, yet keeping high level education
  • Balance between academic and applied issues
  • Laboratory sessions. This is not about demos, the attendees are expected to practice on a wide range of instruments made available

The high level of training is guaranteed by the world-class Scientific Council and lecturers from the major European and International Institutions

Go to the Program page, and download the Week Schedule in pdf format
The EFTS is held every year at the beginning of Summer at the FEMTO-ST Institute.
You may also like the Venue and Accommodation pages


Visit the Registration and Policy page, and rush!
We have a limited number of places, set by the laboratory sessions.

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