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-====== Contact ​====== +==== Contact ==== 
-{{ :logo_EFTS-3.jpg?​direct&​200 ​|}}+** The preferred contact is by email at  
 +[[frequency-time-seminar@femto-st.fr|frequency-time-seminar [at] femto-st.fr]]**
-Please use the following ​email address : +For technical questions, ​email to    
-[[frequency-time-seminar@femto-st.fr]]+[[rubiola@femto-st.fr|Enrico Rubiola]], the EFTS chairman
-** Registration start: end of January 2019 **\\ 
-** Early Bird registration:​ to be announced **\\ 
-** Registration deadline: to be announced ** 
-EFTS 2019\\ +==== Postal Address ==== 
-FEMTO-ST ​/ DTF / ENSMM\\ +EFTS / Prof. Enrico Rubiola\\ 
-26, Rue de l'Épitaphe\\ +FEMTO-ST ​Institute\\ 
-CS 51813\\ +Time and Frequency Dept, ENSMM\\ 
-F-25030 ​BESANÇON ​cedex\\+26, Rue de l'Epitaphe\\ 
 +F-25030 ​Besancon ​cedex\\
 +==== Registrations ==== 
 +Registrations are managed by //**email only**//, as explained on the **[[current:​03_registration|Registration]]** page.\\
 +Usually we accept registrations starting from the beginning of February, until the maximum number of participants is filled.\\
 +Early Bird discount is usually available until 2 months before the seminar.\\
 +There is no hard deadline, but you may want to rush because the maximum number of registrant is always filled before the early-bird deadline expires.
-==== Navigate ​in the EFTS 2019 web pages ==== + 
-** [[current:​00_start|Current Session ​Home]] **\\ +==== Navigate ​through ​the EFTS web pages ==== 
-[[current:​01_program|EFTS 2019 Program]]\\ +** [[current:​00_start|Current Session]] **\\ 
-[[current:​02_scientific_council|Scientific ​council]]\\+[[current:​01_program|Program]]\\ 
 +[[current:​02_scientific_council|Scientific ​Council]]\\
 [[current:​03_registration|Registration and Policy]]\\ [[current:​03_registration|Registration and Policy]]\\
-[[current:​04_venue|Venue]]\\ +[[current:​04_venue|Venue ​and Accommodation]]\\
 [[current:​06_links|Links]]\\ [[current:​06_links|Links]]\\
 [[current:​07_thanks|Thanks]]\\ [[current:​07_thanks|Thanks]]\\
 +[[previous:​00_start|Previous EFTS]] sessions, since 2013 
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