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-‹NHK7‰ƒ<​¦ÖÀ²4(ªH{߂ÎÀz©«JëüVŽß·läŽ|@¹p +====== EFTS 2013 Program ====== 
-‹BÊh˜ÅŒ8¤¦žÉXíyHèØÅŝOàl6ÚYS³ Ã8}|>​îÎyÇÂC‡¸C5‡Òª|&þаÓqí™%˜øN„yùœ Aolj»¬âÉê¬ZÕí`e#​œìäLuovl–¶nPç­Ù³›[Gµ++ö³ïÓ¡|’Té¨. +====Lectures and Seminars==== 
-ˆÜ°dQÇ¡u¸ˆªÊb×àê@FÚJQ¬ˆmBR(@ÒZTÕÈëGî–öT^ï¥#​òf6Á,g·bÍ¥Øà"​Fݕ<​²¢*Žë8]€æ['‚¢nÙ1û!ØeòhÒÌXw†:​¢AãWì„ßYâªõcªÛ9ˆÖÑYбQ~\g?​ÒËZ݌³þAi‡K~ruqA~úÔáÜàPÞY[ÓÖº‡Žãn3ŠáÞ¸HL#​šè?​üóÙ)'ˆS["​´ »ñYJ$ÑÏØð#​4݊¥uQêÝØÖy §hF‚ +  * **Introduction to TF** – Basic concepts and vocabulary ​(quality, certification,​ traceability etc), and technical issues (oscillators,​ frequency standards, accuracy, stability, phase noise, jitter, physical environment,​ etc.). 
-³»üo†½^ôùž”³~˜º$F*Ó»ÉýÝ>:​x$ÀPñ–ÓÞIÃñ¦¾‘¹ïµƒ•ú6‹™#​úià¥òJ樆²˜Ãzˆ^æЋ‰ßk5·R£€±*‰ƒ,[“°§íºõ.Ÿ…²(†ôV{È®è{a¾~±æ;​O¯—0ç&éôîz÷Ió÷ÿӜLy×znkÑ@Ù­ øÒ +  * **Measurement methods and experimental techniques** – Spectra (phase noise and L(f), amplitude noise), variances, frequency measurement and comparison. 
-$=Op¿±2ß+  * **Atomic clocks** – Physics, traditional clocks (atomic beam, vapor cell, and maser), cold atoms, optical clocks, small-size clocks. 
 +  * **Oscillators** – RF/​microwave,​ cavity-stabilized lasers, optical frequency combs. 
 +  * **Timing and applications** – Time scales, navigation, frequency transfer and synchronization. 
 +  * **Physics, applications,​ and trends.** 
 +{{ :​manip.png?​direct&​300 ​|}
 +  * **Classroom work** – Attendees work on paper, on spectra, variances, and uncertainty. 
 +====  Hands-on Laboratory Courses ==== 
 +{{ :​penny2.png?​direct&300 |}} 
 +  * **Laboratory sessions** – Frequency stability and AM/PM noise, resonators and oscillators,​ timing and synchronization,​ vapor cell clocks, cold atoms, etc.  Every day, the attendees will do real experiments and measurements
 +==== Social Events ==== 
 +**MondayAugust 26th**, Visit of Besançon's Observatory\
 +**Tuesday, August 27th**, Visit of Besançon'​s Time Museum - (downtown City)\\ 
 +**Wednesday,​ August 28th**, Nigth session at the Observatory's telescope\\ 
 +**ThursdayAugust 29th**, Social Dinner\\ 
 +**Friday, August 30th**, Femto-ST Lab Tour\\ 
 +//​Additional week-end activities//​\\ 
 +**Saturday, August 31st**, walking tour, photo tour, visit of Besançon & surroundings.\\ 
 + \\ 
 +{{ ::​schedule_again.png?​direct&600 |}}
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