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-‹+====== Registration 2013 ====== 
 +Registration deadline was: Saturday July, 13th 2013 
 +|Regular rate |  1200 €| Your Company plans to send several attendees? Contact us for lower rate| 
 +|Academy & Gov. labs * |  800 €| We reward the help of European institutions| 
 +|Ph.D. students * |  400 €| True full-time students only| 
 +|CNRS |  please, contact us|Thanks to CNRS sponsorship,​ low rate and special conditions apply | 
 +|(*) Apply to EU/​CH. ​ Other Countries, please contact us. ||| 
 +All prices include classes, labs, visits, learning material, lunches, coffee breaks, events, and social dinner.\\ 
 +Accommodation,​ breakfast, and regular dinners are not included.\\ 
 +Nearby low-rate lodging will be proposed, and regular hotels as well.\\ 
 +A limited number of places will be available, determined by the lab sessions.\\ 
 +Attendees in excess can be allowed to the lectures only, at reduced rate.\\ 
 +If you want to register, please, contact us: [[frequency-time-seminar@femto-st.fr]] 
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