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-‹l¢/​îà­ +====== Registration 2014 ====== 
-QDZ„ëÛÅÍ + 
-q¹ŠâX8(Êh‹3`'​,DLždôº^ô*€q“ŠÐœO§€É»þqÉÕkZa÷ÐaD©·è…#​ïh£R€Úy*Ò{Ö®èæR(löðþpÛ ± +**Dates and location of the 2014 EFTS were: Monday, June 30 - Friday, July 4, 2014, [[previous:​2014:​04_venue|Besançon,​ France - Femto-ST InstituteENSMM site]]*
-0â×^ûÁãNx•KºAÓry¯é[‹Â‚R§ô~ØL^M ĤÐƁëâÀuçBŒGÝàc˜³fOà«Û ´E Zʃòîn#​ì}N3…–žs>​lt[rF}•Ø¡E©©s…ŒSk¶Ó”Ì + 
-)׺€êÿŒÑa€“•€Ñ +Registration deadline: ** was Saturday June 7, 2014 ** 
-yZM͊êE ãq-¨ÄVh*ƒ¡¾)¤´ò¹zœmCȚ!p?​z¾ÐÂ=² Kú¿s+ 
 +|Regular rate |  1200 euro| Your Company plans to send several attendees? Contact us for lower rate| 
 +|Academy & Gov. labs * |  800 euro| We reward the help of European institutions| 
 +|Ph.D. students ​|  400 euro| True full-time students only| 
 +|CNRS |  please, contact us|Thanks to CNRS sponsorship,​ low rate and special conditions apply | 
 +|(*) Apply to EU/​CH. ​ Other Countries, please contact us. ||| 
 +All prices include classes, labs, visits, learning material, lunches, coffee breaks, events, and social dinner.\\ 
 +Accommodation,​ breakfast, and regular dinners are not included.\\ 
 +Nearby low-rate lodging will be proposed, and regular hotels as well.\\ 
 +A limited number of places will be available, determined by the lab sessions.\\ 
 +A small number of attendees in excess can be allowed to the lectures only, at a reduced rate.\\ 
 +If you want to register, please, contact us by e-mail: ​[[frequency-time-seminar@femto-st.fr]] 
 +==== Navigate in the EFTS 2014 web pages ==== 
 +[[previous:​2014:​01_program|EFTS 2014 Program]]\\ 
 +[[previous:​2014:​02_scientific_council|Scientific council]]\\ 
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