Previous 2018 Registration

Dates and location of the 2018 EFTS: from Monday, June 25 2018 to Friday, June 29 2018; registration will start at the beginning of 2018, location will be Besan├žon, France - Femto-ST Institute, ENSMM site

Registration deadline: June 11, 2018

Rate type early bird full rate Applies to
To April 25, 2018 April 25 to June 11, 2018
Regular rate 1200 euro 1300 euro Profit-making business
Academic 800 euro 900 euro Universities, non-profit, Gov/Int'l Labs
Student 400 euro 500 euro True full-time Ph.D. & MS students only

Note: a 20% TAX may apply, depending on your country.

French companies and OPCA - entreprises fran├žaises et OPCA : nous contacter pour les frais de dossier concernant la prise en charge de la formation par l'OPCA.

All prices include classes, labs, visits, learning material, lunches, coffee breaks, events, and social dinner.
Accommodation, breakfast, and regular dinners are not included.
Nearby low-rate lodging will be proposed, and regular hotels as well.
A limited number of places will be available, determined by the lab sessions.
A small number of attendees in excess can be allowed to the lectures only, at a reduced rate.
If you want to register, please, contact us by e-mail:

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